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Plumbing Tools

Plumbing Tools- What you need for most plumbing jobs?

Plumbing Tools

Imagine, you are bathing and abruptly the flow of water stops from the shower, or maybe you go to wash your hand and you open the tab but there is no water. These are some basic examples of tab problems which a person faces in its life. When a human is sick, he/she consults the doctor, like that only when the matter is of water tab or it’s a washroom issue, the only name comes to the mouth is the Plumber.

Plumbers play a very significant role in our everyday lives; though their work is not required everyday but when the need is there no one can take their place. But what are the most important things a plumber should have with him?

The plumber always requires plumbing tools or can say the weapons of their task. The plumbing tools are the Armour of any plumber as the role of each and every tool in fixing the things is important. Let’s have the glimpses of few tools available in the market.

1.   Propane Torch-

These are considered as one of the best options when you are heading to fix the sweat copper pipes as they are very easy to use and they are the more convenient option when compared to a sticker. These are the normal flame applications, which use the propane gas in form of fuel.

2.   Tongue-and-Groove Pliers-

These are most common and essential plumbing tools used by the plumbers in a case of tightening, loosening, twisting or pulling out any less important thing. One should be very precise while buying these, as two sizes are quite important 10-in and 12in.

3.   Hacksaw-

This is also an essential plumbing tool and when the role of cutting the metal pipe or plastic pipe comes. One should always keep more blades for the emergency in hand as anytime there can be the requirement of this tool.

4.   Metal Files-

This tool plays an important role for smoothening the edges of the metal pipes after they are cut. As being a plumber one should always have two files with him/her, which should have both rounded and the flat surfaces. Apart from these, also hold the rat-tail files that are round and tapered in the look.

5.   Pipe wrench-

Mainly these are the heavy, large wrenches that are used in tightening and loosening the threaded pipes and also fitting the nuts. This tool has the serrated teeth that aid the wrench to hold the grip.
So, these were the few essential tools that aid in fixing the washroom or tab like stuff. Apart from these,

what are the other Important Things Related to the Washrooms?

There are much more options like fitting the Faucets, Shower heads and the sanitary wares.  

When talking about the washroom stuff, one can’t forget to address the elephant in the room, Jaquar bathroom fittings. This is the leading brand that manufactures most of the trendy and stylish looking faucets, showers and other washroom materials.

The brand is quite famous in all the over world as it offers the wide range of affordable plus expensive washroom fittings. So, whenever one is heading off for the washroom fittings then must consider jaquar fittings as this brand has the great grip in the market.

Plumbing is also a very interesting art that everybody doesn’t know and the expert in this line can only handle the worst situation. Hence, if anyone is wishing to learn this art must have all the plumbing tools and should learn it in a more proficient way.