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Inkjet Vs Laser Printers? Which One To Buy?

Inkjet Vs. Laser Printer
Inkjet Vs. Laser Printer

Inkjet Vs. Laser Printers

No matter whether you are a business owner or a home user, buying a printer for meeting day to day printing tasks has become an essential for everyone. When it comes to buying printer online, there are two main options that people are left with, namely laser printers and inkjet printers. There are a lot of options available in market like HP inkjet printers, Canon Inkjet Printers, HP Laser printers, Canon Laser printers, etc. From premium brands, but not all can fulfill all your requirements and budgetary restrictions at the same time.

To help you identify which one is better among the laser and inkjet printers, here is a small comparative analysis.

Available Options and Initial Costs

When buying laser printers online there are a lot of options available in both the online as well as regular markets. An inkjet printer uses nozzle sprays for printing, whereas the laser printer uses toner cartridge that contains fine powder for printing, which gets activated with the help of a heated fuser. The initial cost of a an inkjet printer can be as low as $60 but the initial cost for a laser printer will be somewhere around $100. But your inkjet printer will only come with the starter ink cartridge that you need to refill only after a few prints.

Continuing Cost

For both business and home users buying the consistent ink supplies for functioning of the printer is necessary. The ink, the toner and the paper all can cost you a lot depending on what kind of printer you are using and what is the frequency of your use. The operating cost for an inkjet printer can be a bit higher as compared to the laser printer.


If you want to print high quality black and white prints then laser printer will be an ideal choice for you. Even the most basic variant of a laser printer can give up to 20 high quality pages per minute. Inkjet Printers is slower in this metrics and can give only 5 pages of black and white text in a minute. Though these number can largely vary on the printing font and the sheet coverage area for both the printer variants.

In addition to all the technical points that you may look up to, the brand you are buying can also make a lot of difference to your purchase. Getting the low priced printer will always not be the best choice as it may not prove to be a long lasting investment. So, when buying a printer consider all the factors including the brand image to make a wise decision.

Final Summary

With this much of information at your perusal, it might have become clear to many of your which printer they should be buying for home use Laser Printers Vs. Inkjet Printers Even though both the variants have their share of good or bad, at the end its up to you to buy the one that meets your requirements the best.