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Tips to Maintain Inverters and Stabilizer for Home

Inverters & Stablizers
Inverters & Stablizers

Whether you own UPS or inverters you plan to buy one, you need to keep in mind that these machines exhaust quickly without proper maintenance and care. In many regions power supply is somewhat limited for the day and power failures are typical for 2 to 4 hours in cities and can be gone for more than 8 hours in small towns. Thus installation of a long life inverters would be a practical decision for better power backups. Another problem that can lead to serious damage to home devices and appliances is fluctuation in power which can be possible anytime of the day. Thus it’s viable to be prepared with the right backup devices like stabilizers.
With a few tips for professional maintenance and care for stabilizers and inverters you can derive the best possible advantages from this expensive equipment. With these tips you can save huge costs on electricity consumption. With proper maintenance and care your essentials would last long and perform at their best.

The Gentle Advice for A Safer Life

  • To have your inverters battery working in best possible condition it is necessary to keep a check on battery water level for every three months.
  • Before purchasing inverters Online, you need to consult with inverters manufacturers.
  • It must be ensured whether inverters have a proper-earthing or not?
  • Appliances such as geysers, refrigerator, motors, doesn’t need to get linked with inverters as it can lead to higher loads.
  • Inverters have to be in power off mode while no person at house as it would avoid risks.
  • Standard wires have to be used to write inverters as poor wiring would lead to short circuit.

Stabilizer Maintenance Tips – The Best Way to do it

To provide proper care and maintenance to voltage stabilizer online, it is essential to keep a few checks in place to improve equipment effectiveness as well as enhance the overall life span of the product.
If you’re providing a monthly inspection to your equipment it would be advisable to check the level of oil in SVS and refill dry oil in case it’s low.
The SVS must be inspected once in a month for possible leakages, looseness or replacement.
Additionally quarterly inspection can be done for examination of dirt deposits and cracks. You can clean or replace the terminals to clear our dirt.
Inspection for gauges, gas-ketted joints and other paint works can be done at around once in 6 months to check moisture under cover. The ventilation can be improved with regular checks in oil.
Annual inspection can be done or key areas like Megger Value and SVS oil. A check must be done for dielectric strength for SVS oil and the oil quality must be restored in case value measures less than 10Mohm.

Inverter Terminal Maintenance

One of the common maintenance and care issues including maintenance free types faced by inverter owners is terminal rusting. Rusting caused in terminals leads to less amount of current to and through the inverter day. This can notably alter inverter effectiveness and overall battery life. Having rusted contacts would restrict charging current and can slow the charging rate leading to reduction in battery life with irreversible effects in sulphation. Thus you need to clean and check battery terminals at least once in a month.
To clean battery terminals and get back regular power supply to inverter, you need to remove battery cables. The best possible precaution has to be taken against possible sparks and shorting while removal of terminal connections. This when the corrosion area is large, the terminals wouldn’t be able to simply clear out. In this case you won’t have to use excessive pressure through tapping, which can lead to internal breakage of the terminal. For prevention of further corrosion, you can also apply white petroleum jelly.
Having proper care and maintenance ensures that everything is fine on your device and it is performing up to the mark without causing any issue. With minimum cost and work users can provide a long life to essential devices like stabilizers and inverters.