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The Working Principles behind the Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners

With most of the business making use of barcode scanners to manage their inventory the evolution in their working principle is quite evident. Also, there are a variety of barcode scanners online available out of which some are actually very impressive with their new found techniques. The laser barcode scanner is a one of its kind scanner which is very interesting to know and work with. However, if someone is not very well versed in working with laser technology then CCD based barcode scanners can be their alternative choice.

CCD barcode scanners are a different type of scanners that do not come with any moving parts as an attachment which makes them more reliable for daily work and also they remain less prone to failure and mistakes. Another type of barcode scanner that people often look for is that of 2d type, this is also one of the most popular variants of the barcode scanners used in the popular culture. You will get to see 2D type of barcode scanner in almost all the shops around you as they are easy to use and are quite affordable as well.

When it comes to understanding the working principle behind the barcode scanners, laser ones are found to be the easiest ones to decipher as they make use of moving mirrors and light diodes to scan the barcode. This mechanism is also one of the main reasons of their failure as it fails to scan the barcode in a short span of time. On the other hand, the CCD barcode scanners are 10 times more efficient then then the laser barcode scanners and can read the barcode even in a short span of time. The 2D barcode scanners also make use of the CCD technology only to make the scanner more utilitarian and efficient.

The principle behind the working of 2D barcode scanners is that of the use of an array of small lights sensors that directly point towards the barcode printed on the product. As per the basic working principle of these barcodes when the light falls on the barcode print they form the sort of grid on the surface of the barcode. Because barcodes are mostly printed on the white surface they emit a kind of light reflection when the light is flashed upon them, which is then reflected on to the receiver inside the head of the scanner. After this, that light is translated in to the voltage which made using the photovoltaic cell. The amount of voltage one particular barcode produces is similar to the voltage corresponding to a particular product in the store inventory.

Once the information is sent from the scanner to the computer it is cross referenced from the system database. All this stuff happens within the nano seconds and the billing guy gets to know all the information about the product.

Final Summary

With these advancements in technology and use of modern methodology, the basic principle behind the running of a barcodo scanner has gone under the tremendous changes, However, the final result is definitely something that has made the work a lot more easier for inventory managers.